During the warranty period, and within its legal and commercial 2 years, the engine, the battery,
the control box, etc. may be appraised and if necessary repaired / replaced by the
manufacturer: do not dismantle the components yourself. In case of problem
on one of the components, stop using your E-FATI immediately and contact the seller
or the dealer to find a solution to your problem together.

Carefully keep your purchase invoice that will be asked for in case of a return of
your products under the legal warranty.

Warranty and after-sales service is provided by E-FATI or a reseller
approved by the E-FATI brand. Repair or change parts under warranty of your bike
E-FATI electric assist can only be performed by the dealer or the dealer
where you bought your bike. Before returning any product, contact directly
your dealer to advise you on the procedure to follow.

Warranty period (applicable on the date of invoice)
- Setting: 5 years
- Battery: 2 years
- Motor, display, control box, charger: 2 years

The normal use of the following parts does not fall within the scope of the guarantee:
- Brakes (skids, cables, stirrups ...)
- Tires and tubes
- LED bulbs
- Chain, derailleur
- Any other current wear part

Situations in which the guarantee can not be applied:
- Use contrary to the safety rules and the precautions dictated by the manual provided with the purchase
- Incorrect settings of the components by the user
- Default / lack of maintenance
- Replacement of bicycle components with non-compliant components
- Opening / dismantling of one or more electronic components
- Component with visible traces of shock
- Commercial use of the bike not approved by the distributor

The maintenance of your electric bike does not require special mechanical knowledge
For your electric bike to work well, you just have to maintain it by cleaning it and especially to lubricate it regularly for a perfect operation of the transmission.

For the maintenance of a bike battery, some precautions must be taken to extend their life:
Use a charger suitable for your battery does not recharge with a charger unsuitable because it would destroy it.
Do not wait until the battery is completely flat to recharge.

With regard to the battery, a remaining capacity of 60% of the original nominal capacity is guaranteed after two years, provided that the battery has been used and charged according to the instructions for use.


E-FATI guarantees the proper manufacture of the products it distributes and undertakes to repair or replace the part found to be defective due to a manufacturing or manpower defect (excluding normal wear parts).

Interventions carried out under the guarantee do not have the effect of prolonging it unless otherwise required by law.

Warranty interventions can be performed by all official E-FATI dealers

The guarantee can only be requested for bicycles that are presented complete, conforming to the original specifications, and accompanied by their purchase invoice.

This warranty is given only to the buyer named on the purchase invoice and is therefore not transferable. Indeed, we can not assure you of the use that was made by the previous owner.

The guarantee mentioned above is only granted if regular maintenance or at least once a year has been carried out by a professional in accordance with the recommendations of the user manual.

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