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48V Bafang motor
Power (max) 500W
Torque (max) 80Nm
Samsung Li-Ion Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 48V 20 Ah / (960Wh) 25-60+* km / Charging time 7h
Intelligent Charger 3A Charge Time 6h
Maximum speed at pedaling 25 Km / h
Accelerator handle yes
LCD display 5 levels of assistance
Front LED lighting with stop lights
Frame material Aluminum 6061
Suspension Aluminum fork
Front Tire 24 "x 4.00
Rear Tires 20 "x 4.00
Mudguards Yes
Rear Basket Max 25 kilos
Front Basket 10 kilos
2 Rear Disc Brakes 180mm modele 2024 hydraulique
Front Disc Brake 180mm hydraulique
Shimano Inter 7 speed transmission
Sprocket front 52 teeth
Weight 36 Kg
Dimensions E-fati T
Height 110cm Width 77cm Length 194cm
Rear Basket Size 450*370*200mm
Front Basket Size 330*283*132mm

Height 110cm Width 77cm Length 194cm

Rear Basket Size 450*370*200mm
Front Basket Size 330*283*132mm

Your attention please !!! E-FATI Bikes can only be delivered in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Delivery only in Switzerland

The E-FATI T, Electric Fat Trike is the perfect companion for your next adventure. The 24"x4.0" front wheel rolls over anything in your way, and the rear 20"x4.0" wheels lower your center of gravity for stability. The front suspension and suspension seatpost keep you comfortable on rough terrain.
E-FATI T Convenient for everyday use
1. Ideal for shopping
2. Go on a ride without forgetting anything
3. Sport
4. Cycling with reassurance

Available colors
Matt Black
We advise you to try the E-FATI tricycle before ordering it.
The adult tricycle is like cycling, you can't forget it, but like cycling, you have to learn first.
It will be necessary before walking on the small path, to carry out a few small adult tricycle learning sessions.
To do so, here are our tips!

First of all, you have to keep in mind that your tricycle is perfectly stable on its wheels at low speed, so you can get on and off your tricycle without fear of tipping over and without having to put your foot down. So keep your feet on the pedals when you start and when you stop if you don't want the rear wheels rolling over them!
Inevitably, in operation, the tricycle will follow the shape of the road. If the road is on a slope, your tricycle will tend to go in the direction of the slope (you will have to compensate and lean with your body against the slope). Also, if one of the 2 rear wheels passes through a hole or over a bump, the tricycle will lean to one side or the other without putting you in danger, but the feeling, especially at first, may seem disconcerting.
A little advice: deflate the rear tire to 1.4 BAR
This is why it is essential to learn to ride a tricycle and to do it in good conditions, on clear, level ground, without holes, bumps or obstacles.
Keep the following information in mind:
– Keep the brakes locked (parking position) to get on or off the tricycle
– If you have an electric tricycle, first learn how to use it without assistance
– When driving, look at the horizon and not at the front wheel.
– Take turns slowly and do not turn the handlebars suddenly
– Do not lean to turn but remember to turn the handlebars in the desired direction
– Learn at very low speeds to assimilate operation more easily
– Stay away from the limits of the roadway and obstacles (rear wheel clearance 76cm)
– To turn left, bend the left arm and push with the right arm and vice versa on the right
– Smooth driving, steering and brakes are quite responsive
– Do not tense up, remain flexible and relaxed
– Make small learning sessions, there is no point in insisting too long at the beginning
So much for the advice, now it's up to you!

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E-FATI T 48V 500W 960Wh

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