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THE BRAND Neuchâteloise V-OCO

The V-OCO 346 was inspired by vintage motorcycles and custom bikes of the twentieth century.
In 2012, the Swiss company OCOBIKE starts marketing the V-OCO 346.
2014 the company releases a new V-OCO model, the V-OCO C.
The brand produces the V-OCO on request in Neuchâtel, specially designed for the regulation of the market in Switzerland 500W / 750W> 45km / h

It takes 40 to 60 days for the small and independent small business to build and assemble each V-OCO.
CHF 4888.00 / CHF 5280.00

V-OCO 500W 25Km/h

V-OCO 500W 25Km/h


V-OCO 750W 45Km/h

V-OCO 750W 45Km/h


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